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Reserve service protection

The Defence Reserve Service (Protection) Act 2001 protects reservists undertaking various forms of Defence service. The Act makes it an offence for an employer to discriminate against, disadvantage, hinder, prevent or dismiss an employee or prospective employee for rendering Defence service (including training). The Act also includes employment, partnership, education, financial liability and bankruptcy protection for reservists in relation to their rendering of Defence service. Civil penalties may also apply for contraventions of the Act. The facilitation of the Act is overseen by the Employer Support and Service Protection team, being part of ADF Reserves and Employer Support within Joint Support Services Division

Employer Support Payment Scheme

Your browser does not support HTML5 video.   The Employer Support Payment Scheme (ESPS) provides financial assistance to employers of Reserve members and self-employed Reserve members, when the Reserve member is away from their civilian workplace on eligible periods of continuous defence service. Since 1 July 2023, the ESPS operates under a new legislative instrument and significant changes have come into effect. These changes include, but are not limited to: The annual two week Qualifying Period (QP) has been abolished, and Reasonable limits for ESPS support payments have been set. For applicants that employ medical, dental, nursing or allied health officers: The Chief of Defence Force ESPS (Health) Approval 2023 modifies some of the standard eligibility requirements of the legislative instrument and provides for higher level ESPS support payments for defence service starting on or after 1 July 2023. The former Chief of Defence Capability Employer Support Payment Approval (dated 3 April 2020) remains in effect for defence service starting before 1 July 2023.   For further information about what’s changed, including eligibility requirements for Defence service that commenced prior to 1 July 2023, please click here. For applicants that employ members in full-time work (38 hours/week), ESPS support payments are paid the average weekly wage: The FY 2023-24 average weekly wage is $1,807.70. The FY 2024-25 average weekly wage is $1,888.80. For eligible applicants that employ members in part-time work, including regular casual work, ESPS support payments are made at a pro-rata rate. Casual work is not eligible for the Scheme. For applicants that employ medical, dental, nursing or allied health officers, ESPS support payment rates are: For FY 2023-24, please click here For FY 2024-25, please click here ESPS support payments are made to an applicant for the benefit of an applicant and there is no restriction on how an applicant might use the payment. Members are responsible for ensuring their civilian employers are aware of the Scheme. Submit Application Find Out More Brochure | The Employer Support Payment Scheme

Benefits of employing reservists

Australian Defence Force (ADF) reservists are highly trained personnel who bring self-discipline, focus, leadership, and world-class training to any workplace or role. Reservists develop skills and experience through formal Defence courses, ongoing training, and on the job as they put their skills into practice. All reservists are trained to: be highly effective communicators display initiative be self-motivated and goal-oriented manage time and resources effectively be self-disciplined and self-reliant operate effectively in a team manage confidently be leaders Reservists may also receive nationally recognised qualifications as part of their training. Available training includes (but is not limited to) qualifications in: advanced communications using computer, radio and satellite technology project management contract management performance management workplace health and safety first aid driving and operating vehicles and heavy machinery

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COVID-19 Information for reservists and Employers

The COVID-19 situation in Australia and abroad is changing daily. We want to make sure that Defence personnel remain well informed about the situation.All reservists who have been force assigned to Operation Covid-19 Assist are able to access support for during this time through Defence Member and Family Support (DMFS).

Coronavirus advice: Department of Defence

Defence Member and Family Helpline : 1800 624 608

Employer Support Payment Scheme

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