Reservists are a fundamental part of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and provide a considerable contribution to the security and national interests of Australia.

ADF reservists are proud and loyal Australians who come from all backgrounds to add a new dimension to their lives through part-time military service. They come from all walks of life and work in various roles. They balance their civilian lifestyle with their part-time role in Defence.

Reservists serve in a variety of roles in the Navy, Army or Air Force, where they join as initial recruits in trade-qualified and professional service positions or with no experience. Full-time ADF personnel can also transition to part-time Reserve service.

Reservists serve alongside their full-time colleagues on all Defence exercises and operations. They also assist in securing Australia’s national borders and make a valuable contribution to the local community, providing assistance and support following natural disasters and in emergency rescue operations.

Reservists are valuable assets to Defence and their civilian workplace bringing self-discipline, focus, leadership, teamwork and world-class training into any civilian role.

Total Workforce System

The Defence Total Workforce System offers ADF members more options in the way they can serve, allowing them to have a better work-life balance. The Total Workforce System is a structure of Service Categories (SERCATs) and Service Options (SERVOPs) in which people serve, while enabling the ADF to deliver capability.

Service Categories (SERCATs)

Service categories group members together according to their approved service arrangements, conditions of service, and obligation to serve. Reservists fall into SERCAT 2 through to SERCAT 5.

Service Options (SERVOPs)

Service options provide a way to grouping members from a number of service categories who provide capabilities where a non-standard arrangement is required. Reservists may fall under SERVOP C (reservists serving on continuous full-time service), or SERVOP D (reservists serving under dual employment arrangements with Defence and an industry partner).

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Return to civilian work after deployment

Reservists returning from service may sometimes experience some challenges readjusting back to their civilian lifestyle. There can be a sudden change in tempo, or the loss of regular access to people with shared experience.
There are many resources available to support reservists and their employers. A full list of support services can be found on our ‘Useful Contacts Page’.

Employer Support Payment Scheme

Online Claims System