ADF immersion activities are designed to enhance support for the Reserves by giving employers and senior staff a hands-on experience of what Reserves do.

ADF immersions are usually held in conjunction with a Navy, Army or Air Force exercise which afford the participants the opportunity to see how Reserves contribute to the ADF, an insight into Reserve service and the skills reservists bring to their civilian workforce.

A typical program is informative and adventurous, all set in a challenging yet safe and controlled environment and run from half day, to two days in duration (and over weekends). It combines a range of activities that might include some of the following:

  • leadership, confidence and initiative tests
  • team-building exercises
  • navigation theory and practice
  • bush-craft
  • communications
  • quick decision exercises
  • visits to technical training facilities
  • visits to Defence bases

ADF immersions are stimulating and geared towards developing personal skill rather than physical exertion. Average fitness levels are sufficient to participate in the activities.

Reservists are responsible for making sure their civilian employers are aware of these activities and in some instances are encouraged to nominate their employer to attend.

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