The Supportive Employer Program recognises the contribution made by organisations and employers who support the Australian Defence Force’s mission and the role that ADF reservists play in advancing Australia’s national interests.

Organisations and employers can apply to join the program by completing and submitting an application form or by contacting their regional ADF Reserves and Employer Support team (see below for details). Once an application is received, our team will assess your application and determine which level of the program your organisation best meets; bronze, silver or gold. We will be in contact to advise you this and we will meet with you to provide an induction into the program and explain your responsibilities as an employer of reservists and the ongoing support Defence can provide.

As a supportive employer, you will receive a supportive employer toolkit which contains a range of resources including a copy of the Defence Reserve Service (Protection) Act, a leave policy template to help you develop a supportive Reserve leave policy, information on the Employer Support Payment Scheme and upcoming employer engagement opportunities.

Once you have completed the induction and been admitted into the program you will also receive a certificate that recognises your organisation as being a Supportive Employer of ADF Reserves.

You’ll be provided with the Supportive Employer logo to display on your organisation’s website and in the workplace to demonstrate your corporate responsibility through your support of the ADF.

In return, this website will display the logo of all Supportive Employer organisations to recognise the support they provide. An organisation does not have to be a current or former employer of ADF reservists to be recognised as a Supportive Employer.

How do I apply?

The Supportive Employer Program is currently undergoing a redevelopment. However, interested organisations and employers can express their interest in the Supportive Employer Program by contacting

Employer Support Payment Scheme

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