ADF Reserves and Employer support

Our aim is to enhance the availability of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Reserve by facilitating strong and productive working relationships between reservists and their civilian employers.

ADF Reserves and Employer Support engage with key stakeholders including ADF units, reservists and their civilian employers. We seek to build relationships by increasing awareness and understanding of:

  • the contribution reservists make when they are away from their civilian employment
  • the skills they are bringing back to their civilian workforce
  • the immersive experiences available to further understand the skills and training provided to Reserve members
  • the formal recognition of civilian employers of reservists
  • Defence funded civilian development opportunities available, such as the Prince of Wales Awards and the Tasman Scheme, and
  • support options available to assist employers during the temporary loss of an employee due to their Defence service, such as the Employer Support Payment Scheme.

Employer Support Payment Scheme

Online Claims System