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Benefits of employing reservists

Australian Defence Force (ADF) reservists are highly trained personnel who bring self-discipline, focus, leadership, and world-class training to any workplace or role. Reservists develop skills and experience through formal Defence courses, ongoing training, and on the job as they put their skills into practice. All reservists are trained to: be highly effective communicators display initiative be self-motivated and goal-oriented manage time and resources effectively be self-disciplined and self-reliant operate effectively in a team manage confidently be leaders Reservists may also receive nationally recognised qualifications as part of their training. Available training includes (but is not limited to) qualifications in: advanced communications using computer, radio and satellite technology project management contract management performance management workplace health and safety first aid driving and operating vehicles and heavy machinery

Supportive Employer Program

The Supportive Employer Program recognises the contribution made by organisations and employers who support the Australian Defence Force’s mission and the role that ADF reservists play in advancing Australia’s national interests. As a supportive employer, you will receive a supportive employer toolkit which contains a range of resources including a copy of the Defence Reserve Service (Protection) Act, a leave policy template to help you develop a supportive Reserve leave policy, information on the Employer Support Payment Scheme and upcoming employer engagement opportunities. Once you have completed the induction and been admitted into the program you will also receive a certificate that recognises your organisation as being a Supportive Employer of ADF Reserves. You’ll be provided with the Supportive Employer logo to display on your organisation’s website and in the workplace to demonstrate your corporate responsibility through your support of the ADF. In return, this website will display the logo of all Supportive Employer organisations to recognise the support they provide. An organisation does not have to be a current or former employer of ADF reservists to be recognised as a Supportive Employer.

Employer Support Payment Scheme

The Employer Support Payment Scheme (ESPS) provides financial assistance to employers of reservists and to self-employed reservists when the reservist is absent from their civilian workplace on eligible periods of Defence service. For employers of reservists in full-time roles (35+ hours/week), ESPS payments are made at a set weekly rate equivalent to the Full-Time Adult Average Weekly Ordinary Time Earnings (AWOTE) The FY 2021/22 payment rate is $1,711.60 per week. The FY 2022/23 payment rate is $1,748.40 per week   A pro-rata payment may be made for a part-time employee. Casual employment is not eligible for the ESPS but it may be treated as part-time employment if regular and reliable. For employers of medical, dental, nursing or Allied Health Officers or self-employed reservists in this category, higher level or capability ESPS payments may be payable in accordance with the CDF (Health) Approval. ESPS payments are intended for use by and for the claiming organisation. However there are no restrictions on how an organisation or self-employed reservist can use ESPS payments. Reservists are responsible for ensuring their civilian employers are aware of the ESPS.   Submit Claim Find Out More Brochure | The Employer Support Payment Scheme

Reserve service protection

The Defence Reserve Service (Protection) Act 2001 protects reservists undertaking various forms of Defence service.  The Act makes it an offence for an employer to discriminate against, disadvantage, hinder, prevent or dismiss an employee or prospective employee for rendering Defence service (including training). The Act also includes employment, partnership, education, financial liability and bankruptcy protection for reservists in relation to their rendering of Defence service. Civil penalties may also apply for contraventions of the Act. The facilitation of the Act is overseen by the Employer Support and Service Protection team, being part of ADF Reserves and Employer Support within Joint Support Services Division

Leave arrangements

Under the Defence Reserve Service (Protection) Act 2001, employers must release reservists when they are required to undertake periods of ADF service including military training. When a reservist employee is released for required training, deployment or any other appointment associated with Defence service, they must not be forced to take any form of paid or unpaid leave. The amount of leave a reservist may need to apply for when required to undertake reserve service will vary. Leave for Defence service can include: initial recruit training initial employment training annual exercises / camps specialist courses deployment for service general Reserve service Employers are not required to pay a reservist’s salary while they’re rendering Defence service. However, employers are encouraged to develop a supportive Reserve leave policy. Brochure | Responsibilities and Protections For further information you can get in touch via the Contact us page

Get the reservist experience

ADF immersion activities are designed to enhance support for the Reserves by giving employers and senior staff a hands-on experience of what Reserves do. ADF immersions are usually held in conjunction with a Navy, Army or Air Force exercise which afford the participants the opportunity to see how Reserves contribute to the ADF, an insight into Reserve service and the skills reservists bring to their civilian workforce. A typical program is informative and adventurous, all set in a challenging yet safe and controlled environment and run from half day, to two days in duration (and over weekends). It combines a range of activities that might include some of the following: leadership, confidence and initiative tests team-building exercises navigation theory and practice bush-craft communications quick decision exercises visits to technical training facilities visits to Defence bases ADF immersions are stimulating and geared towards developing personal skill rather than physical exertion. Average fitness levels are sufficient to participate in the activities. Reservists are responsible for making sure their civilian employers are aware of these activities and in some instances are encouraged to nominate their employer to attend.   EOI FORM

Awards and recognition

The Employer Support Awards are designed to formally recognise civilian employers committed to supporting reservists in their workplace. They acknowledge employers that have gone above and beyond for their reservist employees, over a sustained period or for a special effort to enable the member to complete their Reserve commitments.

Employer Support Payment Scheme

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