For many women, International Women’s Day is a day for reflection and to inspire inclusion by highlighting effort and achievement. For Sergeant Pam Dillon inspiring inclusion is a way of life, as she’s reached many milestones in her nearly 40 years as an Army Reservist, helping her community and learning vital skills.

Based in the Northern Territory (NT), SGT Dillon decided to join the Army as a reservist whilst at teacher's college in 1981 and never looked back.

'I always wanted to join the Army as a reservist but I wanted to receive my teaching qualifications before I began my career in Defence', SGT Dillon said.

Qualified as a transport supervisor and driving testing officer, SGT Dillon helps manage and support driver’s courses run by the North-West Mobile Force (NORFORCE). She also supports the NORFORCE centre squadron in activities, training and exercises.

As a Sport Education Coordinator, SGT Dillon’s civilian career takes her to over 20 remote communities within the Barkly region, where she teaches sport skills and organises interschool carnivals. She also teaches first aid to staff and community members in regional schools, as many remote communities have no permanent health clinics to provide support.

SGT Dillon’s reservist and civilian jobs may seem worlds apart, but the transferable skills she has developed help her to excel in both roles.

'My biggest achievement has been learning all of the different skills that Defence teaches you, they are extremely valuable not only in my civilian job, but in life in general.

For example, I’ve used my Army driving skills to rescue people stranded on the remote dirt roads that I often travel on in my civilian job.'

Juggling two careers isn’t easy, but supported by her civilian employer, SGT Dillon has had no shortage of achievements. Most recently, she was awarded the Leadership in Education Award and received the NT Excellence in Teaching Award.

'It is great to see my work making a difference and helping those who need it most.'

For SGT Dillon, a highlight of being a reservist has been the opportunity to meet all different kinds of people with diverse skills and experiences.

'I’ve really enjoyed seeing the growing career opportunities for women in Defence over the years. We have made big strides since I first joined the Army in 1981!'

SGT Dillon, like many Defence women are inspiring inclusion every day and we celebrate her commitment in the lead-up to this year's 2024 International Women’s Day.​

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